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Key figures

ISIN DE 0006464506
SE Code LEI (Ordinary share)
Market issued Prime Standard
Prime Sector Consumer
Type No-par Bearer Ordinary Share
Stock exchanges Frankfurt, Berlin, Duesseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, XETRA
Designated Sponsor Pareto Securities AS
Listed since 03 October 1984
Capital stock € 30,000,000.00
Denominations 10,000,000 Bearer shares
Paying agent Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt
Post IPO Activities
Increase in share capital by issue of 100,000 bearer shares of DM 50.00 each
Reduction in par value from DM 50.00 to DM 5.00
Change of the share capital splitting into stocks without par value (ordinary shares)
Conversion of the capital stock from DM 25,000,000 to
€ 12,782,297.03, increase of € 2,217,702.97 in capital stock
from company resources without issuing new shares to
€ 15,000,000.00
Increase in share capital from company funds from Euro 15.000.000 to Euro 30.000.000 by issue of 5,000,000 new bearer no-par value shares