AIM 21 February 2006 ANNOUNCEMENT TO BE MADE BY AIM APPLICANT AT LEAST 20 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO ADMISSION ALL APPLICANTS MUST COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING: COMPANY NAME: Eleco Plc COMPANY ADDRESS: Eleco House 15 Gentlemen's Field, Westmill Road Ware, Hertfordshire COMPANY POSTCODE: SG12 0EF COUNTRY OF INCORPORATION: England and Wales COMPANY BUSINESS: Manufacture and supply of building systems products and the design and supply of software systems DETAILS OF SECURITIES TO BE ADMITTED (i.e. where known, number of shares, nominal value and issue price): 49,115,459 Ordinary Shares of 10p each. CAPITAL TO BE RAISED ON ADMISSION: None - transfer to AIM from the Official List, no fund raising FULL NAMES AND FUNCTIONS OF DIRECTORS AND PROPOSED DIRECTORS: John Henry Beevor Ketteley (Executive Chairman) David Stephen Dannhauser (Finance Director) Paul James Taylor (Executive Director) Frederick Edward Newby (Executive Director) Jonathan Cohen (Non-Executive Director) Thomas Quinn (Non-Executive Director) PERSON(S) INTERESTED IN 3% OR MORE OF THE ISSUER'S CAPITAL, EXPRESSED AS A PERCENTAGE OF THE ISSUED SHARE CAPITAL STATING WHETHER BEFORE OR AFTER ADMISSION: J H B Ketteley 11.61% H A Allen 9.27% Caparo LTI Limited 6.38% Rights and Issues Investment Trust PLC 6.26% Lowland Investment Company PLC 6.22% P R & M J Ketteley 5.09% Schroder Investment Management 4.85% NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF ALL PERSONS TO BE DISCLOSED IN ACCORDANCE WITH SCHEDULE 2, PARAGRAPH (H) OF THE AIM RULES: N/A ANTICIPATED ACCOUNTING REFERENCE DATE: 30 June EXPECTED ADMISSION DATE: Wednesday 22 March 2006 NAME AND ADDRESS OF NOMINATED ADVISER: Charles Stanley Securities 25 Luke Street London EC2A 4AR NAME AND ADDRESS OF BROKER: Charles Stanley Securities 25 Luke Street London EC2A 4AR DETAILS OF WHERE (POSTAL OR INTERNET ADDRESS) THE ADMISSION DOCUMENT WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM, WITH A STATEMENT THAT THIS WILL CONTAIN FULL DETAILS ABOUT THE APPLICANT AND THE ADMISSION OF ITS SECURITIES: N/A - Transfer to AIM from the Official List, no Admission Document required. DATE OF NOTIFICATION: Thursday 21 February 2006 NEW/ UPDATE (see note): New QUOTED APPLICANTS MUST ALSO COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING: THE NAME OF THE AIM DESIGNATED MARKET UPON WHICH THE APPLICANT'S SECURITIES HAVE BEEN TRADED: Official List of the London Stock Exchange THE DATE FROM WHICH THE APPLICANT'S SECURITIES HAVE BEEN SO TRADED: 26 July 1939 CONFIRMATION THAT THE APPLICANT HAS ADHERED TO ANY LEGAL AND REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS INVOLVED IN HAVING ITS SECURITIES TRADED UPON SUCH A MARKET: Confirmed AN ADDRESS OR WEB-SITE ADDRESS WHERE ANY DOCUMENTS OR ANNOUNCEMENTS WHICH THE APPLICANT HAS MADE PUBLIC OVER THE LAST TWO YEARS (IN CONSEQUENCE OF HAVING ITS SECURITIES SO TRADED) ARE AVAILABLE: Document Viewing Facility Financial Services Authority 25 The North Colonnade Canary Wharf London, E14 5HS DETAILS OF THE APPLICANT'S STRATEGY FOLLOWING ADMISSION INCLUDING, IN THE CASE OF AN INVESTING COMPANY, DETAILS OF ITS INVESTMENT STRATEGY: To develop as a provider of offsite manufactured products and building systems for the construction industry and a provider of related software technologies for the design and manufacturing processes growing both organically and where appropriate by acquisition. Our aim in servicing our customers is to grow the Group profitably and generate value for Eleco's shareholders. A DESCRIPTION OF ANY SIGNIFICANT CHANGE IN FINANCIAL OR TRADING POSITION OF THE APPLICANT, WHICH HAS OCCURRED SINCE THE END OF THE LAST FINANCIAL PERIOD FOR WHICH AUDITED STATEMENTS HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED: There has been no significant change in the financial and trading position of the Company since the announcement of the preliminary results for the year ended 30 June 2005, other than are detailed in the announcement released at the Company's Annual General Meeting on 16 November 2005 and the announcement released at the Company's Extraordinary General Meeting on the 20 February 2006. A STATEMENT THAT THE DIRECTORS OF THE APPLICANT HAVE NO REASON TO BELIEVE THAT ITS WORKING CAPITAL WILL BE INSUFFICIENT FOR AT LEAST TWELVE MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF ITS ADMISSION: The directors of Eleco plc have no reason to believe that the Company's working capital will be insufficient for at least twelve months from the date of its admission to AIM. DETAILS OF ANY LOCK-IN ARRANGEMENTS PURSUANT TO RULE 7 OF THE AIM RULES: None A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE ARRANGEMENTS FOR SETTLING THE APPLICANT'S SECURITIES: Crest A WEBSITE ADDRESS DETAILING THE RIGHTS ATTACHING TO THE APPLICANT'S SECURITIES: INFORMATION EQUIVALENT TO THAT REQUIRED FOR AN ADMISSION DOCUMENT WHICH IS NOT CURRENTLY PUBLIC: None A WEBSITE ADDRESS OF A PAGE CONTAINING THE APPLICANT'S LATEST ANNUAL REPORT AND ACCOUNTS WHICH MUST HAVE A FINANCIAL YEAR END NOT MORE THEN NINE MONTHS PRIOR TO ADMISSION. THE ACCOUNTS MUST BE PREPARED ACCORDING TO UK OR US GAAP OR INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING STANDARDS. 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