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Holding(s) in Company 06-Apr-2022 10:42 RNS
PDMR / PCA Dealing 15-Mar-2022 11:14 RNS
Holding(s) in Company 08-Mar-2022 07:00 RNS
Acquisition of majority stake in inYantra 07-Mar-2022 07:00 RNS
Director/PDMR Shareholding 28-Feb-2022 08:09 RNS
Director/PDMR Dealings 16-Feb-2022 07:00 RNS
Director/PDMR Dealings 15-Feb-2022 15:59 RNS
New enlarged debt facilities to support growth 14-Feb-2022 07:00 RNS
Completion of Acquisitions 04-Jan-2022 07:00 RNS
Half-year Report of Volex plc 11-Nov-2021 07:00 RNS
Acquisition completion – Irvine Electronics, Inc 01-Nov-2021 07:00 RNS
Notice of Half Year Results 29-Oct-2021 07:00 RNS
Director/PDMR Shareholding 12-Oct-2021 09:59 RNS
Acquisition of Prodamex SA and Terminal & Cable 08-Oct-2021 07:00 RNS
PDMR / PCA Dealing 31-Aug-2021 17:07 RNS