LANXESS Aktiengesellschaft: Release according to Article 26, Section 1 of the WpHG [the German Securities Trading Act] with the objective of Europe-wide distribution

LANXESS Aktiengesellschaft 

30.09.2013 14:28

Dissemination of a Voting Rights Announcement, transmitted by
DGAP - a company of EQS Group AG.
The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

Notification of voting rights pursuant to Art. 25a, Sec. 1 WpHG
We received the following notification pursuant to Art. 25a, Sec. 1 WpHG

1. Listed company:
LANXESS Aktiengesellschaft
Kennedyplatz 1, 50569 Köln, Germany

2. Notifier:

3. Triggering event:
Falling below Threshold

4. Threshold(s) crossed or reached:

5. Date at which the threshold is crossed or reached:

6. Total amount of voting rights:
4.91% (equals 4086763 voting rights)
calculated from the following total number of voting rights issued:

7. Detailed information on the voting rights proportion:

Voting rights proportion based on financial/other instruments pursuant to
Art. 25a, Sec. 1 WpHG:
4.90% (equals 4077763 voting rights)

thereof held indirectly:
2.05% (equals 1708000 voting rights)

Voting rights proportion based on financial/other instruments pursuant to
sec. 25 WpHG:
0.01% (equals 9000 voting rights)

thereof held indirectly:
0.00% (equals 0 voting rights)

Voting rights pursuant to sec. 21, 22 WpHG:
0.00% (equals 0 voting rights)

8. Detailed information on financial/other instruments pursuant to Art.
25a, Sec. 1 WpHG:

Chain of controlled undertakings:

Financial instrument            Warrant ISIN code            Maturity date
OTC call option                                              19/12/2014
OTC call option                                              18/12/2015
OTC call option                                              16/12/2016
OTC call option                                              15/12/2017
OTC call option                                              14/12/2018
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG3UJ06                 19/12/2014
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG3UJY4                 19/12/2014
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG3UJZ1                 19/12/2014
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG4GUQ4                 19/12/2014
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG14635                 18/12/2015
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG14643                 18/12/2015
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG2HP30                 18/12/2015
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG2HP48                 18/12/2015
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG3UJ14                 18/12/2015
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG4GUR2                 18/12/2015
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG3UJ22                 16/12/2016
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG3UJ30                 16/12/2016
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG3UJ48                 16/12/2016
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG3UJ55                 16/12/2016
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG4GUS0                 16/12/2016
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG32Q55                 15/12/2017
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG3UJ63                 15/12/2017
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG3UJ71                 15/12/2017
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG3UJ89                 15/12/2017
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG3UJ97                 15/12/2017
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG32Q63                 14/12/2018
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG32Q71                 14/12/2018
Listed calls warrant            DE000SG32Q89                 14/12/2018
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4BSW7                 20/12/2013
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4BSX5                 20/12/2013
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4BSY3                 20/12/2013
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4BSZ0                 20/12/2013
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GG30                 20/12/2013
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GG55                 20/12/2013
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GG63                 20/12/2013
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GG71                 20/12/2013
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4KMT7                 20/12/2013
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG30P09                 21/03/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4BS07                 21/03/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4BS15                 21/03/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4BS23                 21/03/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4BS31                 21/03/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GG89                 21/03/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GHA5                 21/03/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GHB3                 21/03/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4KMV3                 21/03/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4KMW1                 21/03/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG30P58                 20/06/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG30P66                 20/06/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4BS49                 20/06/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4BS56                 20/06/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4BS64                 20/06/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4BS72                 20/06/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GHC1                 20/06/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GHD9                 20/06/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GHE7                 20/06/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4KMY7                 20/06/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4KMZ4                 20/06/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GHF4                 19/09/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GHG2                 19/09/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GHH0                 19/09/2014
Listed puts warrant             DE000SG4GHJ6                 19/09/2014

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