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DGAP-UK-Regulatory News vom 15.08.2019

Chelverton UK Dividend Trust plc: Net Asset Value CORRECTION

Chelverton UK Dividend Trust plc (SDVP)

15-Aug-2019 / 17:03 GMT/BST
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This is a Net Asset Value Correction

Chelverton UK Dividend Trust PLC

 The Company announces:

Total Assets (including unaudited revenue reserves at 14/08/2019) of £54.32m

Net Assets (including unaudited revenue reserves at 14/08/2019) of £38.85m


The Net Asset Value (NAV) at 14/08/2019 was:



Number of shares in issue:

Per Ordinary share (bid price) - including unaudited current period revenue*



Per Ordinary share (bid price) - excluding current period revenue* 



Ordinary share price



Premium / (Discount) to NAV



Ordinary shares have an undated life






ZDP share



ZDP share price



Premium to NAV



ZDP shares are held in a subsidiary and have a redemption date of 30/04/2025




*Current period revenue covers the period 01/05/2018 to 14/08/2019


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