Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen
Chief Executive Officer
Andy Mcdonald
Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary
Jonathan Atack
Interim Chief Financial Officer


Jonas Persson (C)
Adrian T. Dillon
Elke Reichart
Henning Kagermann
Johannes Reichel
Nora M. Denzel
Philipp Woerner
Sheng Liang

Jonas Persson (C)

Jonas Persson is the Chair of the Supervisory Board at SUSE. Alongside this role, Jonas is Chair of several software companies including IFS, Sitecore and Acumatica. Additionally, he is a current member of the Board of Directors at Skandia. Jonas is the former CEO of Microsoft Sweden and has held a number of senior positions within Microsoft, including CTO of Microsoft EMEA and head of Microsoft’s Mobile Internet Business Unit. He has also served as Chairman of TransIP and Stormgeo, and held positions at Automic and TIA as a member of the Board of Directors.
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