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EQS-News News vom 21.12.2022

New Cloud Platform “STB CLOUD” Disrupts AI Drug Discovery Worldwide

Syntekabio Inc.
New Cloud Platform “STB CLOUD” Disrupts AI Drug Discovery Worldwide
21-Dec-2022 / 21:00 CET/CEST

New Cloud Platform “STB CLOUD” Disrupts AI Drug Discovery Worldwide (KOSDAQ:226330.KQ)
Powered by Syntekabio’s own MAHA supercomputing, the AI-based one-stop cloud service system STB CLOUD ensures the efficient discovery of small molecule drug candidates



New York, N.Y. | December 16, 2022 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Syntekabio (KOSDAQ:226330.KQ), a global AI drug discovery and development company, has launched STB CLOUD worldwide. Running on Syntekabio’s own supercomputing infrastructure, the new AI drug discovery cloud platform is driven by genomic big data and the latest AI technology. It can process small molecule drug discovery on any device, anytime and anywhere.

STB CLOUD outperforms common Software as a Service (SaaS) options in the market. By integrating DeepMatcher®, an AI-driven small molecule drug discovery platform, this new service has automated AI computing function within its own supercomputing hardware environment and database into the cloud system. Improving standardization, simplification and automation of the existing computer-aided drug discovery (CADD) process optimizes the drug discovery and development process far better in terms of time, cost, accuracy and resources. It generates a comprehensive automatic report, including active substance candidates with users’ minimum input, for instance, only by inputting the name of the target protein related to a disease of interest.

“We live in a rapidly changing world with constant disruptions by new and advanced technologies. STB CLOUD is an instant game changer for faster, easier and more accurate drug discovery. Investing in technologies like this further supports clinical trials critical for making lifesaving drugs in a timely manner,” said the CEO of Syntekabio, Jongsun Jung, Ph.D. “This landmark achievement will undoubtedly strengthen Syntekabio’s position in the competitive AI drug discovery industry. Bringing STB CLOUD to the global marketplace has been a tremendous endeavor by our exceptional scientists and engineers.”

For the evaluation of automated drug discovery performance in STB CLOUD, DeepMatcher® was used for 10 target proteins with a library of 120 million compounds available for quick purchase. The evaluation included compounds with known binding affinity as positive controls in the compound library and tracked the number of positive controls recovered during the DeepMatcher® process, which is comprised of three steps: 3D screening, optimal pose and validation. After the first step, the average recovery rate was 31 percent among 1,000 top-ranked candidates. At the completion of the final validation step (MD simulation), the recovery rate resulted in an average of 16 percent among 200 final-ranked candidates for 10 targets. These outstanding results prove not only the power of STB CLOUD but the potential of DeepMatcher® itself in the overall drug discovery industry.

Syntekabio is already working on further strengthening STB CLOUD, with a neoantigen prediction platform (NEO-ARS™) and a multivariate biomarker prediction and discovery platform (PGM-ARS™), to be used for supporting clinical trials with a selection of patients in the near future. Additionally, the company’s new high-performance supercomputing center with 10,000 CPU/GPU computing servers is underway to be completed in the first half of 2023.

For business development meetings and information about Syntekabio’s products and services, contact the New York office at +1 (212) 371-2544 or More information about STB CLOUD is available at


SyntekaBio is a global artificial intelligence (AI) and big data-based drug discovery and development company, headquartered in South Korea since 2009, with its U.S. operations bringing innovative technologies and science to create transformative medicines worldwide that are compliant with international standards to cure diseases and improve people's lives. Find out more about DeepMatcher®, NEO-ARS™, NGS-ARS™ and PGM-ARS™ at  


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