Tipp24 SE was founded in September 1999 and holds equity interests in a number of companies in Spain and the UK which enable participation in lottery-based games via the Internet, especially via the websites www.ventura24.es, www.mylotto24.co.uk, www.tipp24.com and www.geolotto.co.uk. From its foundation to the current day, Tipp24 has generated stakes of 2.5 billion euros and thus contributed over 650 million euros in taxes and duties. Following its successful IPO in 2005 (Prime Standard), the company was admitted to the SDAX index in June 2009. In July 2012, German online brokerage activities were successfully spun off from Tipp24 SE in the form of the company Lotto24 AG, which is listed separately on the stock exchange. In February 2014, the company successfully completed the relocation of its registered office to the UK, from where it plans to drive the internationalisation of its business activities.

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March 26, 2014 (Corporate News)
Tipp24 SE: strict pursuit of internationalisation strategy in fiscal year 2013

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March 26, 2014 (Corporate News)
Tipp24 SE:


March 13, 2014 (Corporate News)
Tipp24 SE: Winnings payout of EUR 6.7 million


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April 17, 2014 (Ad-hoc News)
Tipp24 SE: Special interim dividend dates


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Annual Report 2013
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Annual General Meeting 2013 / Transfer of Registered Office

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