Deal Group Media PLC 22 November 2005 22 November 2005 Deal Group Media plc Holding in Company NOTIFICATIONS UNDER SECTIONS 198 TO 202 - - U.K. COMPANIES ACT 1. Company in which shares are held: Deal Group Media plc 2. Notifiable Interest: Ordinary Shares of 1p each Fidelity International Limited (FIL) P.O. Box HM 670 Hamilton HMCX, Bermuda Parent holding company for various direct and indirect subsidiaries, including Fidelity Investment Services Ltd (FISL), Fidelity Gestion (FIGEST), Fidelity Investments Advisory (Korea) Limited (FIA(K)L), Fidelity Investments Management (Hong Kong) Limited (FIMHK), Fidelity Pension Management (FPM), Fidelity Investments Japan (FIJ) and Fidelity Investments International (FII), investment managers for various non-US investment companies and institutional clients. (See Schedule A for listing of Registered Shareholders and their holdings.) 3. The notifiable interests also comprise the notifiable interest of: Mr. Edward C. Johnson 3d 82 Devonshire Street Boston, MA 02109 A principal shareholder of FMR Corp. and Fidelity International Limited. 4. The notifiable interests include interest held on behalf of authorised unit trust schemes in the U.K., notwithstanding the exemption from reporting pursuant to Section 209 (1)(h) of the Companies Act 1985. 5. These notifications of disclosable interests constitute separate notifications of interest in the shares and are combined solely for the purposes of clarity and efficiency. Nothing herein should be taken to indicate that Fidelity International Limited and its direct and indirect subsidiaries or Mr. Edward C. Johnson 3d act as a group or in concert in respect of the disclosed interests, or that they are required to submit these notifications on a joint basis. 6. The disclosable interests arise under section 208 (4)(b) of the Act, namely where a person, not being the registered holder, is entitled to exercise a right conferred by the holding of the shares or to control the exercise of such rights, or under section 203 of the Act respectively. Schedule A Security: Deal Group Media plc Shares Held Management Company Nominee/Registered Name 2,255,016 FISL JP Morgan, Bournemouth 10,920,952 FIL Brown Brothers Harriman Ltd LUX 352,508 FIJ Brown Brothers Harriman & Co 13,528,476 Grand Total Ownership percentage: 3.56% Shares in issue: 379,534,639 (as at 21 November 2005) Date company notified: 21/11/2005 This information is provided by RNS The company news service from the London Stock Exchange