A new and multifaceted world: exclusive première of the design study ALNOATTRACT

  • Opposites attract: balanced asymmetry creates harmony
  • Stylish combination: subtle use of materia s, textures and proportions
  • Play of light: LEDs behind glass and reflections on metal

Pfullendorf / Milan, 12 April 2016 – ALNO AG are presenting their ALNO brand at EuroCucina 2016 in a visually exciting form to be experienced with all senses. Based in Pfullendorf, Baden-Württemberg, the company is presenting its award-winning kitchen ALNOSTAR SIGN and the exquisite ceramic kitchen ALNOCERA Convinta together with ALNOATTRACT, an exceptional design study which, with its deliberately asymmetrical nature and superb interplay of visual and material opposites, sets new impulses for kitchen design.

Since 1927, the name ALNO has stood for unique design and sensible innovations. Right up to the present day, the company has its finger on the pulse of the times, continuously enhancing its kitchens as needs change with time. All ALNO kitchens are made in Germany and share a common aim, namely to reflect the individuality of the people who own them. That aim is evidently achieved, as proved by the numerous design and consumer awards which ALNO kitchens have once again won this year, too. For the EuroCucina 2016 exhibition, the designers and engineers have transformed their concepts and ideas into reality and once again proved that there are no limits to the imaginativeness of ALNO.

Visionary design study

A kitchen as the perfect symbiosis of simple pragmatism and emotional appeal - a prototype of ALNOATTRACT is being presented to trade visitors in Milan. Tradition blends with vision in a subtle play with textures and proportions: playfully designed jumps, bridges and offsets reflect current trends while at the same time making use of such traditional materials as oak wood, black glass and metal.

ALNOATTRACT incorporates architectural aspects and combines classic natural wood finishes with futuristic front panels of transparent black glass. The new elements defer with respect to those already in existence, creating a harmonious space with individual character for the observer.

ALNOATTRACT: opposites attract

The visual perfection of ALNOATTRACT is fascinating. Balanced asymmetry creates harmony through the skilful interaction of visual and material opposites. In this way, the overall composition establishes a sense of security and order despite the ostensible tension. Along with the rib structures in the front, the vertical support carrier structure is the most striking feature: the innovative design opens up the room over its full height. With the help of the ergonomically designed lift shelves, cabinets above head height can also be reached without effort.

The rotunda of grey-brown vintage oak above the island forms the centrepoint of the kitchen. Its LED light is elegantly reflected off the interior bronze coloured metal lacquered ring, giving the room a particularly elegant effect. The rotunda itself is borne by a framework of sophisticated steel tubing. Discreet backlit glass back panels in the wall unit and in the island foster the depth and transparency of the overall composition.

The design is perfected with a new interior, which, with its slender frames and dark materials, coordinates with the quality elegance of the front appearance. Partitions of black oak and practical compartments in the drawer system add a unique special character to the design of the interior. With ALNOATTRACT, ALNO have granted an exclusive look inside a kitchen that will set standards.

The new products from ALNO and ALNOINOX are being presented at EuroCucina 2016 from 12 to 17 April (Hall 13, booth D11/E12) as part of the furniture exhibition Salone del Mobile in Milan.

About ALNO

With a workforce of around 2,100 men and women, ALNO AG is one of Germany's leading kitchen manufacturers. With four international production facilities, the group supplies a complete range of kitchen products for the German and international markets.

In addition to the core brand ALNO, the ALNO Group also includes the brands Wellmann, Pino, Piatti and Forster Swiss Steel Kitchens or ALNOINOX. Working with over 6,000 sales partners, the ALNO Group operates in more than 60 countries around the world. In the financial year 2015, the company generated sales in the amount of EUR 522 million. Exports accounted for around 56 percent of total sales.

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