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Enger/Hiddenhausen, 19.09.2015 – ALNO combines functional requirements and individual wishes: As part of its 2015 DESIGN TOUR to mark the 'Kitchen Mile A30'  trade show, the kitchen furniture manufacturer from Pfullendorf in south-west Germany is presenting its innovative products in the high-end segment. Amongst other things, ALNO is expanding its assortment line to include the new structural height of 715 mm. With ingenious solutions, the best quality and a high level of flexibility, ALNO is giving kitchen planners a free hand when it comes to making kitchen dreams come true.

Since 1927, kitchens from ALNO have embodied the highest quality, sensible innovations and award-winning design with the 'Made in Germany' cachet. ALNO builds on expertise from over 85 years of craftsmanship and is developing further every day. Because every room is unique, people's personal wishes and requirements always remain at the centre of attention: In a kitchen that should provide a relaxing and comfortable arena for cooking, the goal is to combine function and design with individual expectations. This is a claim that ALNO has taken to heart. One thing's for sure: ALNO.

ALNO taking things to new heights

To mark the 'Kitchen Mile A30' trade show, ALNO is expanding its assortment lines and introducing the structural height of 715 mm. As a result, kitchens from ALNO offer ideal storage space even with a relatively low parapet height of 86 cm, and are finding applications in old buildings. To match the new structural height, continuous front panels with a wide range of fittings are available, including with the handle-free variants. Side cabinets with a door joint in 715 mm height are also available. The tried-and-tested structural height of 780 mm is still part of the range and will remain at the heart of the ALNO portfolio in the future too.

Alpha meets Premium

In future, the 'Premium' drawer fitting variant will be joined by the less elaborate 'Alpha' version that features a white round railing instead of an angular railing with a glass top. Both variants are also available with Tip-On – a short, gentle touch is all that is required to induce the drawers or pull-out unit to open automatically. It can be stopped in any position, and closed in the usual way. Both the 'Alpha' and 'Premium' drawer fittings can be combined with all assortment lines and front panel ranges, thus providing complete planning flexibility.

Kitchen logic

ALNO is deliberately sticking to its grid dimension, and will continue to build on its established 130 mm height dimension. Five different plinth heights permit ergonomic working heights with small grading steps. At the same time, the grid dimension creates a harmoniously matching overall appearance, making the kitchen an elegant unit with a perfect look. All front panels are available in both structural heights of 715 mm and 780 mm – overall, ALNO is launching six front panels for the Kitchen Mile, four new structures, six countertops and eight handles.

Mineral and grey shades are in vogue

ALNO offers almost unlimited design options, and is thereby opening the door to a perfect interplay of surfaces and colours in the kitchen. From the brilliant and easy-care front panels made of glass or ceramic through to hard-wearing ceramic or natural stone countertops and niches with real glass design: The ALNO colour pallet establishes a total freedom of combinations, and is thus increasingly responding to consumers' wishes for stone and wood looks. Examples of new models in the front panels include, 'Walnut with end-grain edge' – while the 'Provence pine' and 'Betonna' variants have been introduced for the countertops and niches.

Surface instead of tile

Glazed tile niche back walls from ALNO are the clever alternative to the conventional tiled backsplash – the new motifs on high-quality glass, or in future also on melamine, are easier to look after and more attractively priced than a tiled back wall. However, the look is the same: Four whole tiles are used for the standard niche heights of 480 or 545 mm – they can be shortened from the top to achieve intermediate dimensions. In addition, the range of continuous gallery niche motifs created in cooperation with the artist Hendrik Tuttlies is being expanded. Another new feature in the range includes motif niche back walls on glass and, for the first time, on melamine too.

All new products from the ALNO Group can currently be seen on the 2015 DESIGN TOUR as part of the 'Kitchen Mile A30' trade show. The exhibition centre in Enger/Hiddenhausen is one of the largest in the show with 70 kitchens on an area of 3,500 m2 .


About ALNO AG:

ALNO AG is one of Germany's leading kitchen manufacturers, with a staff of around 2,100 employees. From its six international production sites the corporation provides a full range of kitchens to both the German and international markets. In addition to the core ALNO brand the ALNO Group also owns the brands Wellmann, Pino as well as Piatti and Forster Schweizer Stahlküchen or ALNOINOX. The ALNO Group operates in more than 64 countries worldwide with over 6,000 sales partners. In financial year 2014, the company recorded sales revenue of 546 million euros. Around 52 per cent of this revenue was generated abroad.


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