Live your style: Pino kitchens with even more design possibilities in the entry-level segment

Enger/Hiddenhausen, 19.09.2015 – Pino offers entry-level customers flexible planning options and the fundamental functions of kitchens in higher price classes. The kitchen manufacturer from Coswig in Saxony-Anhalt has expanded its expertise in entry-level kitchens to mark the 'Kitchen Mile A30' trade show, and at the 2015 DESIGN TOUR the company is showing off new painted laminate front panels and fresh design possibilities. With Pino, the kitchen is instantly turned into a place where people can meet, enjoy themselves, laugh and have fun together.

Pino customers want affordable and beautiful kitchens. Entirely targeted towards its young target group, the company continues to build front panels from painted laminate, while becoming more grown up at the same time with new planning options.

Trio of painted laminate

Pino is relying on new materials and supplementing its high-gloss range of painted laminate: In future, there will be the three surface variants of 'matt', 'high gloss' and 'high-gloss metallic'. These new front panel versions in colours such as 'magnolia white matt' or 'anthracite grey metallic' are unique in the entry-level segment. In addition, Pino offers a very broad range with its extensive palette of melamine front panel colours – the new colour shades range from concrete look and walnut to avocado.

A touch of the premium

To mark the 'Kitchen Mile A30', Pino is introducing new dimensions and functions, thereby opening up even more design possibilities: The under-panel cabinets in the widths of 80 and 100 cm allow more flexible planning with an international character – they are available with swivelling doors, drawers and pull-out units. In future, customers will also be able to choose wall cabinets between 80 and 100 cm widths. The new highboards with 1,043 mm height set visual accents and are also suitable for use as room dividers.

Multiple flat LED lighting solutions provide the right lighting for the kitchen, illuminating the working area and ensuring that the contents of drawers and cabinets can be seen clearly – downlights under wall cabinets, panel lights for planar light and practically invisible lighting for work surfaces or inside cabinets. The Pino range even includes pull-out unit lighting for drawers. This means Pino offers attractively priced design options like in the Premium segment.

Pino makes it easy

To simplify kitchen planning in spite of this multitude of variants, the newly introduced Pino article code uses an improved logic. In future, the articles will be divided into the main types of under-panel cabinets (U), wall cabinets (H), side cabinets (S) and appliance frames (G) – the key is introduced by the corresponding letter in each case. The numbers and letters at the end then define the fittings and the configuration of the article. As a result, the variety of types can quickly be pared down even during the planning stage – making the process simpler and more logical.

All new products from the ALNO Group can currently be seen on the 2015 DESIGN TOUR as part of the 'Kitchen Mile A30' trade show. The exhibition centre in Enger/Hiddenhausen is one of the largest in the show with 70 kitchens on an area of 3,500 m2 .


About ALNO AG:

ALNO AG is one of Germany's leading kitchen manufacturers, with a staff of around 2,100 employees. From its six international production sites the corporation provides a full range of kitchens to both the German and international markets. In addition to the core ALNO brand the ALNO Group also owns the brands Wellmann, Pino as well as Piatti and Forster Schweizer Stahlküchen or ALNOINOX. The ALNO Group operates in more than 64 countries worldwide with over 6,000 sales partners. In financial year 2014, the company recorded sales revenue of 546 million euros. Around 52 per cent of this revenue was generated abroad.


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