Better living: With 'Connected Kitchen', tielsa is making your home intelligent

Enger/Hiddenhausen, 19.09.2015 – tielsa offers sensible solutions for the connected home. On the 2015 DESIGN TOUR, the specialist for the kitchen living space is showing state-of-the-art technology for superior customer requirements: At the 'Kitchen Mile A30' trade show, the company from Baden-Württemberg in south-west Germany will also be showcasing the 'tielsa:connect app'. This can make the contemporary home much more secure through its interplay with intelligent devices. Also in focus at the trade show: the new tielsa:basic modules which allow entire banks of cabinets to be adjusted in height.

The kitchen furniture assortment from tielsa with a wide variety of systems, modules and designs combines aesthetics and ergonomics in the kitchen. Innovative and moving elements provide a whole new level of operating convenience and, with the Smart-Home system from tielsa, you can always keep an eye on your home: tielsa:connect makes it possible to control numerous networked components – for a secure feeling when you are out and about.

tielsa:connect – atmosphere with the swipe of a finger

The innovative lift modules that allow the individual elements of a tielsa kitchen to be raised and lowered infinitely variably were the fundamental idea when the traditional brand, tielsa, was reactivated in 2012. Since then, the tielsa:move system has been moving the countertop, sink or hob conveniently to the right height for safe and relaxed cooking. This was followed by clever solutions such as the elegant slatted cabinet with sensor technology – all that is needed to open it is a slight touch on the sensor under the cabinet. To mark the 'Kitchen Mile A30', tielsa is bringing your home to a smartphone or tablet: with the tielsa:connect app, it is possible to control the various modules in the kitchen and many other devices remotely using a smartphone.
Systems such as Philips hue, Osram Lightify, SONOS or Homematic can already be controlled using the tielsa:connect app – making it possible to define complete scenarios and store them. For example, when mum and her son return home in the afternoon, a finger gesture is all it takes for the hob and sink to be adjusted to mum's working height, while the workstation is set to the son's sitting height for getting his homework done; the slatted cabinet remains closed and the lights provide optimum illumination. When the son goes to bed in the evening after the family's meal, the kitchen is converted into an evening lounge with just a single click. The slatted cabinet opens, affording a view of the wine glasses, lounge music in the background ensures a relaxing mood, while the light takes on a dark violet hue to set the desired ambience and the work module moves up to the counter height. For the first time at the 2015 DESIGN TOUR, tielsa is showing a new, browser-based user interface that can be used under Windows and Mac OS, as well as on all tablets. tielsa:connect is continuously being developed further: for example, interfaces to Miele@Home and Digitalstrom are currently under development and will be published soon. In future, tielsa will also be integrating more systems from third-party manufacturers and partners.

tielsa:protect – keeping secure control over your home

With intelligently networked devices, tielsa:protect ensures your home is secure. Even when you are out and about, the tielsa:connect app offers you access to alarm systems such as sensors for detecting water, smoke or movement – if they are triggered, tielsa:protect can send messages to the smartphones of a specific group of people, thereby making a significant contribution to greater safety in everyday life. The system can be expanded with intelligent solutions at any time. For example, if the 'Sens Floor' sensor-controlled floor of tielsa's partner Future Shape detects that someone has fallen down, it sends a message and is thus able to call for rapid assistance. What's more: with the tielsa:connect app, all networked devices can be switched off at the same time if required. That saves having to check every single device.

tielsa:basic  – an uplifting show innovation

As an attractively priced addition to the tielsa:move modules, tielsa is introducing the new tielsa:basic  solution to mark the 'Kitchen Mile A30': The lifting elements now enable entire kitchen blocks to be varied in height by up to 10 cm – so every family member will find their ideal working height in the kitchen. The extending plinth covering ensures that the technology remains out of sight and upholds the high-quality, the aesthetics and the overall impression of a tielsa kitchen.

All new products from the ALNO Group can currently be seen on the 2015 DESIGN TOUR as part of the 'Kitchen Mile A30' trade show. The exhibition centre in Enger/Hiddenhausen is one of the largest in the show with 70 kitchens on an area of 3,500 m2 .


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