Under one roof

The ALNO Group presents its wide range of kitchen designs, from beginner models to high-end designer kitchens, at the Kitchen Mile show - Steel kitchens celebrate their debut

Enger/Hiddenhausen, 13 September 2014 – This year, ALNO AG will once again showcase itself as a dynamic, growing corporation that is highly active in the both the German and international kitchen markets as part of the 2014 ALNO DESIGN TOUR. Also this year, the Group successfully expanded its brand diversity with the German launch of a steel kitchen line from the house of Forster in Switzerland under the name ALNOINOX.

The 2014 DESIGN TOUR is a continuation of the company's strategy for success begun last year, and is an opportunity to show the retail sector and trade press the wide range of kitchen innovations it offers. 58 kitchen concepts under four brands – ALNO, Wellmann, Impuls and Pino – will be on display, as well as products from tielsa GmbH, whose focus is on adjustable kitchens, a promising future trend. 'Last year, we offered an impressive range of products under our four brands ALNO, Wellmann, Impuls and Pino. In 2014, we were able to further expand our offerings to include everything from entry-level models to high-end designer kitchens,' says Ralph Bestgen, CSO of ALNO AG.
Unique 'sandwich' construction

For the first time, the company will showcase its steel kitchens under the ALNOINOX brand to the German market. The product line has been part of the ALNO portfolio since its takeover of Swiss-based AFP Küchen AG in March of this year. In Switzerland, these kitchens have been on the market for more than 50 years under the name Forster Schweizer Stahlküchen.

They are known for their extreme durability but most of all for their timeless and straight-line design and unique simplicity. The secret is in the way ALNOINOX kitchen elements are constructed: the globally unique 'sandwich' construction inside the front panels and hanging elements combines maximum durability with robust, powder-coated steel.

Maximum individuality within your own four walls

As one of the most innovative German manufacturers and a specialist in kitchens as living spaces, tielsa GmbH will present its vision of the adjustable kitchen as part of the Kitchen Mile A30 trade show. It's not just the unique countertop lifting mechanism that makes the tielsa kitchen precisely adaptable to individual needs. The system, which will be expanded with two new modules this year, can be adjusted to fit any living environment, meeting the growing demand for in-home customisation.

A 3D, walk-in advertisement

The way in which the new products will be presented is also impressive, including a walk-in 3D advertisement. The cement-like look of the exhibition area reflects the typical clean-slate background against which the kitchens will be showcased at both trade shows and future points of sale.

With its wide range of brands, ALNO is reinforcing its role as a beacon of innovation and design competence while actively addressing the needs of a young, active buyer group.